Telling Signs Your Partner Treats You as an Option

1. He only calls you when he needs you.
The number one sign that says he is treating you as an option is if he only calls you when he needs you and that’s it. He won’t even make the effort to be there physically for you. He will give you the occasional call and text message for a few days and then suddenly disappears for weeks only to come back later on.

And when he does come back to contact you, it’s always something that he wants from you. If you see this red flag, turn the other way and run. A man who loves you will want to be with you and prove his commitment. You don’t need this disappearing act in your life.


2. She doesn’t prioritize you.
Another sign is that she doesn’t prioritize you. Sure she gives you attention when she feels like it or when she’s in the mood, but she’s never really there for you in anything. You’re not asking for her to drop everything at your every call, but it will still be nice to have her every now and then for the important moments.

The moment that you two decide to enter a relationship, it’s already a silent understanding that you treat each other highly on the priority list. This means attending the birthday parties, going through the tough times, and enjoying each other during the happy moments. But if she’s nowhere to be found in all three events, you may have to rethink your life decisions.

3. He doesn’t really pay attention to you.
Aside from the sad fact that you’re not number one on his list, he also doesn’t really pay any attention to you. Imagine sitting across from him after a long hard day at work, you’re telling him about your office problems and he’s either scrolling absent-mindedly on his phone or trying to change the subject.

He’s not investing any attention on you. Why? Because again, you’re just another one of his options. Maybe he’s really not in the mood to be with you right now because he wants to spend time with Girl Number Two, who knows? Demand the attention you deserve, because as his girlfriend, you deserve nothing less.

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